Tips to maintain immunity among kids

We all want to safeguard our children from falls, bruises, cuts, and burns, or flu and germs. So, where do you start to help your kid avoid falling sick and boost his/her immunity system from an early age?

Start with the food

Real, fresh food is the essential key to maintaining that immunity power. Please keep packaged and processed food to the bare minimum including, cakes and cookies, chocolates, chips, and other junk food that you can possibly think of. Fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, poultry and dairy products, fish, nuts, and healthy seeds should become a part of a complete diet plan.

For your kid’s healthy gut

Like adults, even children can find it’s challenging to fight off infections if the gut bacteria are imbalanced. This may result in colds, fever, and flu. What can you do to fix it? Well, feed your children with plain or Greek yoghurt that contains live bacteria such as lactobacillus, acidophilus, and bifidobacterium. Avoid fruit-flavored yogurts that contain highly concentrated levels of sugar.

Ensure your child keeps calm

Children need time to rest properly and relax and have more time for creative and imaginative playful activities. It helps your kid’s immune system to be stronger, too.

Sleep is important

To build a strong immunity e system, a child needs to sleep well. According to experts, toddlers should ideally sleep for 11-14 hours every night, preschoolers should sleep for 11-13 hours, and school children (age group of 6-13) should sleep for 9-11 hours every night. To ensure a good night’s sleep, you may put them to sleep in a room that is dark and quiet. Also, make sure all electronic devices are switched off.

Balance your kid’s diet with supplements

If your kid’s immune system is a bit down, there is a wide option of healthy supplements and healthy drinks that are immune boosters for kids that you can opt for. Supplements like zinc, vitamin D, probiotics, fish oils, and healthy drinks for kids are very important. First, please check with your health nutritionist before giving these supplements and immune boosters to your kids.

Add immune-boosting foods for your kids

You can strengthen your child’s immune system by giving them garlic regularly. It acts a great immune booster for kids as it is rich in anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. You can add garlic to your kid’s favorite dishes, and a pro tip is to always add the chopped garlic to your meals at the end to help preserve the immune-boosting properties.


You may also include berries in your kid’s diet that are rich in antioxidants and immune-boosting nutrients. Green leafy veggies and yes, lots of them would only ensure your child is healthy, sharp, and strong and stays that way. This might make you an unpopular parent with your kid, but a handful of greens does not necessarily have to be boring and plain. You can always add some kale or baby spinach, bananas, and mango to milk and blend until smooth and make them a green smoothie.


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