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Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas For Dinosaur Fans

There can be many occasions to show someone you love them, care for them and they matter to you. But the best time to shower someone with your love is undoubtedly their Birthday because it is a celebration of their existence and it’s only about them. To help you with that we are going to give you gift suggestions for your friends and family who are fans of Dinosaur movies or obsessed with Jurassic World. When considering a birthday gift for someone, the following factors must be kept in mind.

Age– Consider the age of the dino-lover on your list when shopping for your gift. There are prehistoric-inspired toys for young children who’ll enjoy pushing around a whimsical wheeled dinosaur, but this isn’t likely to capture the attention of a teenager who may want something more high-tech or hands-on. If you’re shopping for an adult, look for collectible dinosaur gifts or those that serve a practical purpose.

Purpose– There’s no shortage of realistic, detailed collectible dinosaurs out there, but there’s also an abundance of educational gifts, like books or hands-on activities, that teach about science and natural history. Think about the personality of your recipient and choose accordingly.

Interactive- Bring another world to life with a dinosaur gift that responds to commands via voice or an app. Or, for a low-tech but still interactive option, choose from Lego building kits or sets of realistic dinosaurs for imaginative play.

Fun- While selecting, a birthday gift puts a lot of pressure on you. Sometimes it’s best to go with more fun and less educational gifts. Dinosaurs lovers love one thing above all and that is a real-life, giant Dinosaur suit. You can just put it on and have some fun at the park or play a prank on your friends.

As all bits of advice and serious stuff has been said let’s get to the fun part where we suggest some awesome and unique gift ideas that you might not have thought of before but can really help you select your next best gift for someone who probably has got a huge collection of Dinosaur themed objects already.

Before talking about Dinosaur costumes, let’s try on some Plush Dino Slippers for kids who love to fit in big-dino shoes. They are soft and warm and definitely a starter before jumping into Dinosaur Costumes for kids who want to know how it feels like to be a roaring Dinosaur. Jurassic World Chomp ‘n Roar Mask Velociraptor Blue are the next best thing if your kid is really into Jurassic World, let them play out the Blue character with this interactive mask.

Toy Story Rex Costume and Toy is a classic and one of the most popular Dino figures out there. Your kid will love it. There are many other amazing options like an inflatable critter or T-Rex to make your apartment or playroom look extra-top-notch. A cute dino-themed nightdress that’ll have your kids or even you are looking totally terrific when you and your friends get together to have a Jurassic Park all-nighter.

Realistic Dinosaurs Costumes can be a bit too much for younger kids but they can still fit soft fabric plushie costumes before jumping into big boots. As far as your grown-up recipients are concerned, maybe it’s time to give them that real-life giant Dino costume that they have long been wanting to try on. Or perhaps you can add to their room décor or lawn rearrangement with a life-size Dinosaur Puppet. It can be even better if it is a Giant Planting Pot like a giant Tyrannosaur. Jurassic World Grab ‘n Growl Indo Raptor Dinosaur, which is based on the movie Jurassic World, can be a cool item to place in the living room, kids’ room, or even in a lawn or backyard and any dino-lover will appreciate it irrespective of their age.


You might want to try some super-cool fun learning tools and books as a birthday present. National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit is a good starter for a kid (or adult!) who wants to dig for their own dinosaur fossils? This kit lets children ages 8 and up to discover 15 different real fossils. It’s super fun and super educational. Next in our suggestion is LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 Build It Yourself Dinosaur Set. This LEGO set can create a Pterodactyl, Triceratops, or T-Rex with 174 pieces providing them with hours of entertainment and STEM building skills. Talking about STEM building skills, Batlofty Dinosaur Toys Race Car with 360 pieces is a fun way to build a track for interactive learning.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs brings the prehistoric age to life with this informative book intended for children ages 4 to 8. A Dino Study table Lamp to complement the Books on Dino history that can encourage your kids to develop a reading habit. Prextex Realistic Looking 7″ Dinosaurs Pack is the best dinosaur toy that inspires imagination. This set of 12 dinosaurs comes with a book that highlights facts about each type including habitat, diet, size, and more. Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive PopUp, a delightfully detailed pop-up book full of fun facts and learning for your favorite pint-sized paleontology. Animal Zone 30Pc Dino Set with Mountain to help kids remember the names and shapes of these giants and a Hey Clay Dinos kit that comes with 18 small cans of non-toxic, non-staining modeling clay can help kids or even adults to enjoy building six different dinosaurs.

Temi Dinosaur Toy Figure with Activity Play Mat & Trees let anyone’s imagination run wild with a play mat and nine dinosaur figurines set. Children 3 years old and up can create fun scenes with the dinos, as well as the five trees that are included. Along with this mat, you can also add a  Dino Play Tent for kids and even adults to sleep under when going camping.

Hatching Egg Dinosaur Candles to relax while bathing or you may just use them as home décor. Elasmosaurus Shower Curtain so that you can imagine the dive and drive of these extinct giants. T-Rex Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder just in case you need solid toilet paper protection. Not only is it a unique and thoughtful gift it also kind of looks badass just like the prehistoric giants. You can also get your dinosaur-loving friends a decorative Dinosaur Succulent Vase, or ceramic planter so they can display them anywhere in the house.

Starting with Dinosaur Skeleton Bed Covering as a present for your dino-lover or even better a duvet set with a giant tyrannosaur, you can help them create or recreate a dinosaur themed room. Adding to room décor a 3D Triceratops LED Lamps which will display 7 different shapes of Dinosaurs or a night light for anyone who thinks dino decor is a bright idea, can be the perfect birthday present for young and adults. A set of wall decals and glow in the dark stickers so you can subtly show off some dino decor even with lights off. A Dino-shaped footstool can be placed in your living room and even in your bedroom.

Just in case you are wondering if there is anything useful in the kitchen for dinosaur lovers then we have some on our list. First off a Baby Dino Tea Infuser then a ceramic mug which some people may find silly, but you’re totally going to stick your neck out for it. If you already have a tea infuser and a mug then you may try Brontosaurus Salt And Pepper Shakers which are cute and quite useful. Nessie & Mamma Colander Combo will surely help you prepare some yummy dishes. T-Rex Wine Holder dinosaur wine holder is an exotic representation of the prehistoric giant and a unique birthday present.

If you have someone who is a fan or has kids who love Dinosaurs then handing them a Dino-waffle maker or a Dino-shaped cookie-cutter Kit can be a really sweet present. A pack of Dino cupcake wrappers for anyone who thinks dinosaurs are sweet is worth adding to the list. A Dino-darling lunchbox for satisfying your kids’ taste in extremely vintage lunchboxes is a good idea to encourage them to eat healthy meals.

Dinosaurs are loved by people of all ages and tastes. Perhaps for someone with an inclination towards jewelry, a  claw-shaped cuff bracelet can prove your talent when it comes to picking out thoughtful presents. A cute small Dinosaur shaped neck chain or a statement necklace with dinosaur skeleton may be the perfect pick for Jurassic World enthusiasts. You can even buy a Ceramic Dinosaur Jewellery Ring Holder (but not just to keep rings only). Dinosaur shaped earrings or cufflinks or maybe a scarf with a little T-Rex tip the scale in anyone’s closet. Or a warm and comfortable hoodie with printed Jurassic giants to show your warmth and love.


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